Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Where we spend our money is a reflection of that which we value. We may say one thing or another, but to where the funds fall is more telling than we often realize. The truth of economics is estimated in costs and benefits. We find our selves making economic choices every day. We find our selves revealing the elements of our heart in the costs and benefits we choose to esteem. It is not that making purchases is an act of selfishness, although it can be. It is not a question of materialism being right or wrong. It is a matter of quality. Does this item or experience ultimately add quality to my life? Does it enhance the lives of the persons around me? If a thing is a benefit to the persons around me, is that then a benefit to me?

These questions mull around in our minds and hearts as we consider whether we wish to spend the money. To the degree that we fully fathom the consequence of our choices is obvious in that we often spend on emotion rather than reason. Marketing depends on our disposition to conclude emotional, in the moment decisions rather than concise estimating of the cost and benefits. It is evident that we experience a learning curve in the matter of choices. Often bad choices and the resulting consequences effect in us a more sober and reflective consideration as we face new choices.

It is at this point, where in a prudent thought towards purchases requires a greater weight to our choices. That burden is value. Where by we assign another form of importance beyond immediate gratification. In this way our thinking is more mature. More realized. So that what choices invariably reflect us as people are choices which are more carefully made. As we decide who it is we want or don't want to be. Where by the idea of investment becomes more meaningful.


The Websters dictionary defines "invest" as : - the commitment of money and/or (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result.

As we look for quality in the results of our efforts, as we look to secure a measure of satisfaction that does not seem to come short of our expectations, the question of cost to our selves grows, the investment of our finances weighs more heavily in the balances.

Is the gainfulness of our effort realized when results come to fruition? Is the burden and cost of investment matched in the stability and excellence of a thing obtained?

When considering the cost of things that will be with us for years to come, things which our children may inherit, are we satisfied when we were able to obtain some thing cheaply, at minimal cost ? Or do we believe that the long term substance of an investment will outlast what cost we bare today ?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Upwards Custom specializes in residential remodels, additions, modern kitchens and custom built decks. We care about the work we do and we care about the people we work for. We find that how we deal with persons in the community is as important as our skill in the trades which we operate. One can not do with out the other.

For us the measure of a successful project is counted in the quality of our business relations with whom we deal. This business sense has shown it self to be true over the years of our work in the community. So it is self evident that our dealings with persons, businesses or customers can not enjoy real quality with out relationship being principle in our conduct. There by we want customers to be happy with the work they have paid for. Not only that we fulfill the written terms of the contract, but that the end product is a realization of what was imagined and desired.

This doesn't come to pass without a relevant and exacting business relationship. We think this premise can mean doing our best to salvage a bad situation. As good relationships are built on respect, we think contractual agreements must be entirely clear and concise. So that what is agreed upon is in its entirety, completely defined in terms which are specific and sound in definition. This does not allow for interpretation of what one meant to say or of what one didn't fully express.

Thorough contracts act as a safety valve, giving us the clearest perspective in our discourse with all parties involved. So that if problems do arise, the clarity of the contractual arrangement gives a firm back ground for any resolutions or amendments to rest upon. Thus help to secure and maintain respectful and ongoing relations. We encourage these determinations in our employees and subcontractors. Knowing that we are a team and must function becoming as such. So that the same clarity and concise standards expressed in our contractual agreements are exercised and exacted in them whom we employ.

Construction, design challenges and craftsmanship, business liability, professionalism, like all things, come at a price. The cost of stability, equity and sound methods are part of the investment cost of any responsible project. How often do we suffer the stresses of dysfunction resulting from costs not considered. The cost of managing a poorly executed project can be a grave excess to what would have been a comprehensive cost assessment from the onset. What might seem to be the comprehensive price of quality is ultimately money well spent in the totality of an investment. Its return will be realized over and over through out the course of a job and long after the job is done. Satisfaction can not be fooled.